Northern Colorado is home to some really unique restaurants – several of them tempting diners beyond just a meal, with their epic food challengesA lot of us have heard about the Legendary 14'er Challenge at Beau Jo's or the Atomic Wing Challenge at Sports Station, but are you tough enough to take on the 80oz Steak Challenge at Sundance Steakhouse?

I thought it was a typo when I first saw it, but after reading through the challenge rules on Sundance's website, it's totally legit...and totally huge. The challenge meal is made up of an 80oz ribeye steak, a loaded baked potato, the vegetable du jour, a side salad with dressing, and a dinner roll with butter.

The meal takes nearly an hour to prepare to medium, but they will cook it to any temperature you want. Challengers do have to pay their $80 prior to attempting. The rules are that you must consume the entire meal in an hour or less, and once the clock starts ticking, you cannot stand up, leave the table, or let anyone else touch the food.

If you get sick, the challenge is considered over, however, the good news is, that if that happens, or you can't successfully finish, you still get to take the leftovers home with you. People who DO complete the challenge receive their $80 back, a commemorative t-shirt, and their picture on the restaurant's website and/or social media.

According to Sundance's Instagram, they've only had one winner so far, who finished the challenge in an impressive 29 minutes. Can you top that?

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