Are you racing your Wiener Dog at the Wiener Dog Races on October 5th? This year's Wiener Dog Races will be full of action all day long! If you have a Wiener Dog please sign up and start practicing with your Wiener! If you are new to Wiener Racing we have the 411 below and also if you are veteran Wiener Racer we have some new information!

Friday Night, October 4th

Join us Friday night at Sherwood Park from 6 pm to 7pm for practice night. We will go over the races and answer any questions you may have. You will also be able to pay at that time.

Saturday, October 5th

Saturday is race day. Entry Fee is $10 for each Wiener Dog, Make sure your Weiner is all warmed up.

  • Check in starts at 11am  on 6th and Colorado. Look for the race track!
  • At noon we begin the Wiener Dog Walk. You'll get to strut your wiener dog's best costume downtown on Main St.
  • We begin the Weiner Dog Races at 1:30 pm. Make sure you and your Weiner are ready to run.

This year the Wiener Races will be a little different! Each Wiener Dog will have two runs down the 'Green Mile' and we will have a bracket system for keeping track of the fastest Wiener Dog!

How It Works

The Mini and Standard Racing heats will run first and back to back! Each heat will run twice to determine a winner that will move on to the Bracket round.

If we have a tie we will have those Wiener Dogs race again.

We will go through all the heats to fill the bracket board and then we will start the bracket board racing!

Bracket Board Wiener Racing will start at 3:30pm and we will run until we have the Wiener Winners!

Please fill out this form for your Wiener Dog!


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