Just like everything else in 2020 company Christmas parties are being changed in a big way. In the past, it's always been a fun way to celebrate a hard year of work at the office and try to enjoy some time together away from work. Often times there is food or drinks involved, sometimes there are games and prizes but this year it is extremely difficult for any of that to happen due to the pandemic.

No one expected the craziness we have expected this year but we have all learned to roll with the punches and make the best of the situation we were in.

So, for us here at the radio station we were already in talks with a nice restaurant to go out to dinner with our whole team and our spouses. It sounded like a nice evening just enjoying each other's company, but because Mesa County is now moving to Red Phase, our company Christmas party has been canceled.

We know that no one wanted to cancel the party, just like no one wants to go back into a more strict phase for this pandemic. But we have to do what's safe for all our coworkers and the community. So, canceling the Christmas party was the smart thing to do.

What are you doing at your work? Are you having a Christmas party? Have the struggles of the year erased the budget for a party?

To be honest, after this unusual year, I could care less about a party, I am just happy and fortunate to have employment.

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