Apparently we are. The last attempt crashed and burned, so what is so different about this new idea?

According to a story aired on KKCO, an organization called PLACE (People for Local Activities and Community Enrichment) thinks that this time, it will be different.


Are we Still Talking About a Community Center in Grand Junction?

Using Fruita's recreation center as an example, many locals feel that we can support a rec center in Grand Junction. But what would it look like? Would it have a swimming pool? Basketball courts? Classrooms? Where would the money come from? I would love to see what ideas there are for a rec center here, but before we ever get to that point, they must first perform a feasibility study to determine whether or not there would be enough support.

In addition to the usual activities normally associated with a recreation center, there will also be lectures and classes that would be offered. Given the failure of the last attempt at a rec center, many people are hoping that this time, the proposal and the site will meet with approval and the center itself will finally get built in Grand Junction. Let's hope so.

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