Arby's is getting incredibly bold with their 'We Have the Meats' slogan by adding venison, (and in select locations elk), sandwiches to their menu for a limited time.

The restaurant chain served venison in test markets last year and now will make venison - that's deer meat to Coloradans - available in all of its restaurants in the US on October 21. There will be a limited number of sandwiches available in each location, so it is first to come, first served.

Arby's already serves up an abundance of different meats including Angus steak, roast beef, smoked brisket, corned beef, roast turkey, brown sugar or pepper bacon, ham, and chicken so it should be no surprise they are expanding their meat selection.

This deer meat isn't the kind people in Colorado are used to. These are grass fed free-range deer imported from New Zealand. Arby's Venison Sandwich features a thick-cut venison steak and crispy onions topped with a juniper berry sauce on a toasted specialty roll.

Three Arby's restaurants, located in Thornton, Colorado, Casper Wyoming, and Billings, Montana will also be serving elk sandwiches the same day.

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