Did you know there was apparently a haunted road down in Thornton? I did not...granted I've only lived in Colorado for about 8 months but in that time, I've heard of haunted houses, villages, towns, lakes, castles but never a road...until now.

According to Only In Your State, the road is the home to many different haunts including hangings, burnings, ghost children, a ghost Camaro,  the jogger of Jogger's Hill, and many more scares including the most chilling, in my humble opinion....the legend of  "Hell's Gates", that are also located on Riverdale Road in Thornton. No one knows where they are located exactly, but just the fact that they're there somewhere is spooky enough for me.

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During October, there's a place you can go for a good Halloween scare called the "Haunted Field of Dreams" which sound pretty awesome...absolutely terrifying but awesome nonetheless.

This 11-mile stretch of road that lies between Brighton and Thornton has stories for days and is even getting national recognition as one of the most haunted roads in America.

With all of these stories that leave a little tingle on my spine, I STILL want to check this road out and see for myself. Will YOU be checking out Riverdale Road anytime soon?

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