Trail Ridge Road may not be on top of the world, but that is certainly the feeling you get as you travel across the highest continuously paved highway in the United States.You'll find Trail Ridge Road, a section of Highway 34, above Estes Park and it's an experience you'll never forget.

Though it may be the middle of July, you'll find large patches of snow covering the ground above timber line. Also on Trail Ridge Road, along with a large heard of elk that lounge on the hillside, seeming very comfortable with the large crowds of people traveling the road, you will find opportunities to stop take some amazing photos of the surrounding mountains.

The highest point of Trail Ridge road is 12,183 feet. Of course, in the winter time th road is closed because of snow. Often times the road is narrow without a lot of room for error. If  you've ever been over Red Mountain Pass and experienced steep drop offs with no guard rail, Trail Ridge makes that look like a walk in the park.

There are a number of points to stop and take photos, and I offer below a sample of what I experienced up there, however, photos just can't do it proper justice. But, I can tell you that the views are absolutely amazing!

My one piece of advice is this. If  you are ever there and you pull into one of the parking areas to capture one of the great views, be sure that you turn the right direction when  you pull out. Otherwise, you could spend three hours lost and confused. (Don't ask!)