Earlier this year, Colorado was ranked the ninth most dangerous state in the nation, and as crime in Colorado is on the rise, we are starting to see businesses take precautions to ensure safety precautions for not only themselves but their customers.

It's an unfortunate reality that many of us in Northern Colorado have to deal with. Do you worry about your car getting broken into when you are in stores?

A new announcement played over a loudspeaker at the King Soopers on North College Avenue in Fort Collins has residents on edge. The announcement will definitely make you remember whether or not your car is locked.

The Colorado Parking Lot Announcement Causing Stress

A few people on the r/FortCollins community voiced their concerns over a loudspeaker in a Fort Collins King Soopers parking lot. The speaker tells you to be aware of your surroundings, and it serves as a reminder not to leave any valuables in your car.

Heard that at the Elizabeth King Soopers months ago after they installed the one way gates just inside the doors. Definitely felt a bit dystopian to me. - u/jmims98

The local Redditors also noticed more security in general.

there were multiple announcements in the store regarding security and about "scanning and rotating the cameras" or something like that- it definitely created some unease, for sure, for very obvious reasons. - u/quesocats1

Better Safe Than Sorry?


Personally, I don't see an issue with the announcements. Although I hate that these types of announcements have to be made, crime is rising in Colorado, and I think we could all use a reminder every once in a while.

We can either ignore the reality that the world can be dangerous or accept the fact that we need to take extra steps.

I have had my car broken into a few times. Once it happens to you, you become one of those people who clicks their key fob enough times to make your car honk obnoxiously.

Auto Crime in Colorado


According to the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, there are over 4,000 auto thefts a month across the state. Although the majority of the thefts happen in the Denver metro, auto thefts in Northern Colorado are on the rise.

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