Theater goers are gearing up for another installment, and hopefully, a salvation, of the Godzilla movie phenomenon. Looking back at 60 years of movies in the franchise, which Godzilla is your favorite? For our purposes here, today, we're talking about the monster itself, not your favorite movie. Vote in our survey.

It seems as if most people were a little disenchanted with the 1998 revamped version of Godzilla. In that particular movie, the filmmakers could never make up their mind how big Godzilla was supposed to be. When it was all said and done, most fans said they preferred Godzilla back when it was a dude in a rubber suit stomping on toy trains.

Take a look at 60 years worth of Godzillas, and vote for your favorite. Of course, not every incarnation of Godzilla is represented. If your favorite isn't on the list, write-vote are welcome.

Godzilla 1954

Godzilla 2014

Godzilla 2000

Godzilla 1998

'Son of Godzilla' Godzilla

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