There's been an Adam Lambert/Queen connection ever since his 2008 American Idol audition so it should be no surprise that the two parties have teamed up for a summer tour.

Filling the shoes of a rock and roll legend and talent like Freddie Mercury is no easy task. Queen fans are always going to have high expectations when they hear someone trying to emulate their former front man. It is possible that Adam Lambert is the perfect one to fill that slot - if only temporarily.

As the runner-up on American Idol, Lambert demonstrated amazing talent, attitude, vocal ability - and a style not unlike Freddie Mercury. And when Lambert sang with Queen on the American Idol Season 8 finale, one couldn't help but feel this was a perfect match and that we would one day see them together.

So, now, here we are. Queen is on tour, and who's up front? None other than Adam Lambert. Will the arrangement be permanent? Unlikely, given Lambert's amazing talent and appeal to a younger-than-Queen audience. But, for now, it certainly seems like a match made in Rock and Roll  heaven.

You can check out the tour dates, but don't expect to see them in Colorado.

See what you think as you watch Adam and Freddie "tag team" on Bohemian Rhapsody in Thursday's opening night performance. Freddie may still be the champion, but Adam seems to be holding his own. And, who knows, maybe one day Adam Lambert will join Freddie Mercury in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.