Who needs to spell when we've got Google?

It would seem like the smarter technology gets, the dumber humans get. Do you think that? I don't think "dumber" is a word and I just used it in a sentence.

Maybe it's not that we are becoming less smart, but we're definitely becoming lazier. There is information out there that we fail to commit to memory because we can always turn to Google. And, for the most part, Google hasn't let us down.

So what are some words that you typically ask Google to spell for you?

I'd say ones that I get hung up on are "restaurant," "conscience," or "perseverance." I'll admit, they trip me up. Then I think about the new words we've adopted into everyday conversation, like "asymptomatic" or "quarantine." These are not easy to spell in a common text message.

Recently Google collected data on the top "How do you spell..." searches in each state.

Turns out, we're all struggling with the word "quarantine." If you can spell it without auto-correct, congrats to you. I'm actually pleased our word isn't "cook" or "sprinkles" or "grandma." In fact, I'd say we're doing alright.

Of course, this is based strictly on searches using the words "how do you spell." Usually, when I need to double-check my spelling, I'll just start typing the word and let Google auto-fill it or give me options as to what I was trying to spell. It's worked out well for me and it's saved me from embarrassment when people check my search history.

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