Colorado is a popular place for celebrities to visit all year round. During the winter months, dozens of Hollywood stars invade places like Aspen and Vail, but you never know what other celebrities you may bump into around the state at any given time.

Here, celebrities feel as though they can walk down the sidewalk without being swarmed by paparazzi. But that doesn't stop fans from snapping a photo when they do have a celebrity encounter in Colorado.

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In March, Bruce Springsteen was seen shopping along Denver's 16th Street Mall while in town for a show. A month later, another famous face followed in the Boss's footsteps.

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On April 25, a Colorado resident spotted former MLB player and successful businessman Alex Rodriguez strolling the 16th Street Mall with his girlfriend.

But why was A-Rod in the Mile High City to begin with?

Rodriguez is the co-owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves and was in Denver to watch the playoff game against the Nuggets that took place on Tuesday. The former MLB star was seen sitting courtside at Ball Arena. Unfortunately for A-Rod, the Nuggets defeated the Timberwolves during the series and will advance to the Western Conference Semifinals.

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