There are plenty of things that divide our nation and with Halloween approaching, it feels like our love - or hate for candy corn is one of them.

Candy corn hits store shelves this time of year and there are people that snatch it up like it's a golden egg laid by the giant's magical goose. Others avoid it at all cost as if touching it will give them some dreadful disease.

First of all, what exactly is in candy corn? The answer is basically sugar (LOTS of sugar) corn syrup and confectioner's wax. Somehow that doesn't sound like something we should be putting into our bodies. Yet, according to the National Confectioners Association, 20 million pounds of this stuff is sold every year.

Of course, candy corn pops up at other holidays, too - disguised in different colors.

I have found there are essentially two types of people in the world today. There are those who love candy corn passionately and there are those hate it with just as much passion. However, it is possible there is a group of Independents who can take it or leave it.

There seems to be some sort of mysterious, addictive quality to candy corn in which people who don't even love it can't stop eating it once they start. Mix in a jar of peanuts and a candy corn-eating binge is on the way.

So, let's see if western Colorado is filled with candy corn lovers or haters. Answer the question below and then be listening for the results of our poll.

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