Thousands of fans will filter through Suplizio Field during the Alpine Bank Junior College World Series, and if you are one of them, you are likely to see these six types of fans.

The JUCO World Series is one of Grand Junction's most intriguing annual events, bringing in hundreds, if not thousands, of fans from all across the country, while at the same time drawing a large contingent of local baseball enthusiasts.

JUCO appeals to baseball diehards as well as casual observers. You may or may not have any sort of connection to a particular team, yet, you find yourself picking one and rooting for them until they are finally eliminated. Even if you don't have a horse in this race, it feels like you do.

There are all types of fans that come out to the ballpark, and if you attend any JUCO games, you are definitely going to see these people.

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    The Diehards

    These are the fans that tend to come early and stay late. They will be at the ballpark 30 minutes before the gates open and parked in their favorite spot for as long as 90 minutes before the first pitch is thrown. Whether it's pouring down rain or 90 degrees under a cloudless sky, these fans aren't going to miss a game.

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    Young Fans

    On any given night, you're likely to see a boatload of kids at the ballpark. Some of these kids love baseball and dream of one day playing in the bigs. Plenty of kids, however, only dream of playing. These are the ones that spend very little time watching the game, but lots of time playing with friends in the concourse beneath the stands, or around the outfield bleachers. Teenage fans as well love to "hang out" at the ballpark.

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    Food Fans

    It's hard to deny, one of the best things about JUCO is the food. Go to enough games and you don't have to cook for a week! Whether it's a special hot dog, hamburger, BBQ, nachos, ice cream, popcorn, or funnel cakes, you'll find plenty of fans who believe the only way to get the full JUCO experience is to enjoy as many different food products as often as possible.

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    True Fans

    These are the yellers and the screamers who have traveled to Grand Junction to support their hometown team, which most likely includes their son. They'll yell encouragement to their team, occasional digs at the umpires, and offer high-fives to anyone close by who's willing to return one. Even some of the locals will fit into this category, rooting loud and hard during each game regardless of who's playing.

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    The Socializers

    They will be all around you, just count on it. These people love coming to JUCO, but it's not about baseball. It's about friends and family, and the conversation never stops. They talk about everything but baseball- constantly. Heaven forbids a foul ball comes their way because they would never know it as all of their attention is on their smartphone, only occasionally looking up in order to accommodate someone who needs to make a bathroom run.

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    The Scorekeepers

    With pencil and official JUCO program in hand, these fans don't miss a single out, recording every transaction batter by batter, play by play. These folks are so thorough they could work for the New York Times on Yankees game day. Unfortunately, no one else is likely to see their handiwork, but, by golly, they'll have a great lifelong souvenir of their JUCO experience - unless it ends up in next week's garbage.