While many of Joe Exotic's animals were already living in Colorado, six more of the Tiger King's tigers have just arrived at a Colorado sanctuary.

The Tiger King is one crazy Netflix Show that features Joe Exotic as the star. We won't spoil it for you but Joe's reign as the Tiger King is over and his animals have since been relocated from the G.W. Zoo in Oklahoma.

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Many of Joe Exotic's animals were relocated from the G.W. Zoo to the Wild Animal Sanctuary here in Colorado. Lots of the Tiger King's tigers and bears currently live at the Wild Animal Sanctuary and as of Tuesday, now there's more.

Some of Joe Exotic's tigers were living in Flordia at Dade City's Wild Things. Six more tigers have come to the Wild Animal Sanctuary from a very bad facility in Florida. They came from Dade City's Wild Things and the last six tigers at the zoo.

Dade City's Wild Things has shut down due to the mistreatment of tiger cubs. According to the Tampa Bay Times, the owners have since surrendered their federal and state licenses and relocated all animals, officially closing the zoo. They are not allowed to own exotic animals ever again, according to the Wild Animal Sanctuary.

We're happy that the Tiger King's tigers now have a better living situation where they have acres and acres to roam freely. According to the Wild Animal Sanctuary:

Those tigers now live here in Colorado and will never be used or abused for profit again.

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