Grand Junction summers are hot, and because the western slope is a desert, the heat can be hard to hide from.

Here are five places to be active but stay cool in Grand Junction.

Connected Lake

Brittany Markert

Connected Lake is perfect for non-motorized water sports such as kayaking or paddle boards. It also has a beautiful path along the Colorado River nearby and there are picnic tables and trails all around the lakes. It's a great place to explore for a day.

Island Acres


Island Acres is located alongside the Colorado River in Debeque Canyon. There are a variety of activities to enjoy there, including hiking, biking, fishing and swimming. Two of the three fishing lakes are regularly stocked with fish. The lake with the sandy beach and bottom is for swimming.

Crag Crest Trail


This beautiful hiking trail is located on the Grand Mesa and is surrounded by green, so it is shaded a good portion  of the hike. Bring bug spray, though, the cooler weather means the mosquitoes are out most of the day.

Highline Lake

Patty Hedrick

Highline Lake is located in Loma. It's about a half hour drive from Grand Junction but makes for a great mini get away. The water is freezing and the picnic tables and areas are all under trees, so you can stay cool even without swimming. Camping is an option here too if you want to stay overnight.

Corn Lake


Corn Lake is a great close by location for fishing. It is regularly stocked with trout and also has a self-sustaining population of bluegill and perch. There is a boat ramp to the Colorado River for rafting there as well.

What else do you do in Grand Junction to stay cool?