Colorado's new windshield breaking law goes into effect August 9, and there are five things you should know about this new law before you start smashing windshields.

Sometimes people do dumb things, like leave a child or a pet inside a hot car while they shop. Other people are on the lookout for such occurrences and eager to come to the rescue - and their actions could save a life.

The new law provides immunity to a person that breaks into a locked vehicle to save a person or an animal. However, there are some stipulations and guidelines that must be followed. It is probably a good idea to be informed of exactly what the law says before you take up reckless windshield smashing.

You need to know the difference between a pet and livestock for one thing, and for another, you need to make sure the vehicle is actually locked before you attempt a break in. Take a minute to watch the video and gain some knowledge about Colorado's new law.


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