The Colorado Department of Transportation is doing at least five things to help keep Interstate 70 open this winter.

I love living in Colorado, but one of the things I hate about it is having to drive Interstate 70 in the winter time. There is always the threat of hazardous weather, dangerous road conditions, and the dreaded highway closures.

Every year, we seem to make it through the winter months just fine, dealing with I-70's frustration and inconvenience, but, it's reassuring to know CDOT is looking out for us and doing what it can to keep the highway safe - and open.

Here are five things CDOT is doing to keep I-70 open as much as possible this winter.

1] There is now a winter storm coordinator who oversees operations to put people and equipment where they are most needed. Kind of makes you wonder what they did before now.

2] CDOT is working more closely now with the state, county, and local police, and the national weather service regarding weather and road conditions.

3] Imposing traction laws quicker, which allows for large fines for motorists with inadequate tires who cause an accident. Fewer accidents mean fewer closures and delays.

4] Closing snow-covered roads for short periods to allow double snowplow operations to get the roads cleared faster. A 20-30 minute closure is better than a three or four-hour closure any day.

5] Using a special solution to pre-treat roads before the snowfalls, which will aid in snow meltage to help keep roads clear.

We know there will be road closures in the coming months and weeks ahead, but it's good to know CDOT is trying to minimize closures and delays as much as possible.

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