One of the best things to come out of the current situation is families are spending more time together.

Kids are not in school, many moms and dads are working from home, and some parents are home because they are, unfortunately out of work. One of the challenges with kids is to keep them entertained hour after hour, and you can only watch so much Disney in one day, right? That means there is bound to be a lot of playing games around the table.

For me, personally, I am a game-player. I grew up in a game-playing family and I still love playing games - whether it's at the table or out in the yard. But, there are some games I really do not enjoy. In fact, I hate these games so much the thought of cutting off my big right toe seems like it would be a lot less painful.

If you are a game-playing family, here are five games I highly recommend you avoid playing during these days of self-isolation. The object of most games to enjoy them and have a good time. If you really are hoping for a good time, you will avoid these table games at all costs.

  • 1

    PHASE 10

    This has to be the worst game in the history of card games. It is completely mindless, extremely frustrating, and is everlasting.  In fact, this game goes on so long, if you start playing on Monday you'll be lucky to be done in time for online church Sunday morning. If you have a deck of Phase 10 cards in the house, destroy it now before it's too late.

  • 2


    When you talk about mindless games, Mexican Train Dominoes is right near the top of the list. Believe me, I've played more than my share of this game over the years. It all comes down to the luck of the draw at the beginning of the game, which means your brain can take the next three hours off. Meanwhile, you'll be praying the end comes quickly.

  • 3


    I like Scrabble because it makes you think. The problem is that it makes everybody think. That means during a three-hour game you get about three minutes of actual playing time, and two hours and fifty-seven minutes of sitting and waiting for it to be your turn. You might as well be watching paint dry. It wouldn't be any less exciting.

  • 4


    Risk is a game of strategy. It requires skillful planning and forethought. if you lack these skills, you're gonna get your butt kicked and spend the entire game slowly sinking into complete annihilation and domination. Perhaps my feelings about this game have to do with my personal history of totally sucking at it, but I think it would be a whole lot more fun just to stick my finger in a light socket.

  • 5


    Another game I grew up playing is Aggravation, and, believe me, there aren't many things in the world more aggravating than being so close to getting a marble home, and then getting sent back to start. That is true aggravation - marble after marble after miserable marble. If you have ever played the game Sorry! you know what I'm talking about. Sitting on a red ant hill with my bare cheeks would be more fun than enduring a game of Aggravation.

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