It's been so hot in Colorado the past month that even going swimming doesn't give instant relief...but what if you could shed the last piece of clothing you have?

I'll admit that the thought of going swimming in just your birthday suit scares me, and would probably scare most of the people around me that day.

However, there are places throughout the state of Colorado that say your clothing is completely optional. Actually, there are several.

So if you are OK with shedding it all and letting it all hang out (no pun intended), you may want to check out these five swimming locations throughout the state where you can be free...

...and no one will be giving you the evil eye the entire time you are out there.

The question is...would you take these places up on their offer?

You can find out more about these locations as well as others by checking out this website by Traci Macnamara! Great stuff!