Wow. We haven't even hit March and the number of deaths on Colorado HIghways has already hit an alarming number.

According to The Denver Post fatalities in 2018 had dropped from years past. In 2018 there were 600 deaths, 2017 648 and in 2016 208 have lost their lives on a Colorado highway.

My mom used to work for the Colorado Springs Police Department and my dad was with the Colorado State Patrol.

I've been told that they would have been shocked if they hit 44 deaths by the end of December. That would have been unheard of "back-in-the-day."

Today's reality 44 would be amazing if it stopped at that. More people, more drinking and driving, more drugs equal danger circumstances for many.

The average cost for driving under the influence has increased to $13,500 which can easily be avoided especially now that we have an easier way of getting around with Uber and Lyft.

Of course, the weather and other situations play a role as well and we can't always control each situation but DUI's can be prevented.

One life taken from someone under the influence just isn't worth it.

Drive safe in 2019. You're worth it and so are the others.

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