If you are going to be drinking it up this Sunday for the Super Bowl. Here are some tips to make it a much healthier boozing experience according to Mashable.

1. Check the alcohol content of the drink you choose- A light beer just may be your best choice. Beer has calories from two things, alcohol and carbohydrates. The higher the content of alcohol, the higher the calories. So check the label.

2. If it is lighter, it does not mean it is better- Light beers wont have much in the health benefits category, plus they are pretty bland. Bud Light has 110 calories and 7 carbs, but Miller has 96 calories and 3.2 carbs. In this case, Miller is the better choice. So keep an eye out, just because it is light, it could be loaded with carbs.

3. Try a Superfood (ish) Brew- Mashable suggests that if you are going to drink anyway, you might try to find a brew that has at least a few health benefits. Beers brewed with superfood ingredients have more antioxidants and vitamins. But once you add the alcohol, there is no guarentee that the nutrients will hold up.
4. When in doubt, pick the stout- Stouts have fiber and antioxidants, which give them their signature dark color. They have fewer calories yet are more filling, so you're less likely to go overboard.
As always, no matter where you celebrate, be sure to designate a driver and be safe!