Imagine the heartbreak of being 3-years-old and finding out the love of your life, Adam Levine, married someone else.

Young Mila's devastation mirrored that of a lot of other women and girls, although most of them are likely a lot older. Also, like most of them, she was in love with a man she'd only seen on TV or on stage at a concert and had never met.

After having watched the little girl's reaction on video, Adam Levine was more than happy to team up with Ellen DeGeneres to meet this infatuated fan.

Ellen gave Mila a special outfit that would be the envy of any fan of the Maroon 5 singer and coach on 'The Voice.'

The meeting didn't go quite as planned. When the girl actually met her "future husband" and got over the initial shock of a flower and a hug, she suddenly became very shy and became very attached not to Levine, but to her mother.

Hopefully, as the two got to know each other better, she warmed up a bit. She may not understand it right now, but this girl has something almost every other infatuated and now jealous female doesn't, Adam Levine sweeping her off her feet.

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