It was 23 years ago that rioting in Los Angeles over the Rodney King  beating case caused some 53 deaths and more than 2300 injuries. Rioting in this country seems to be a rare thing, but it is certainly nothing new.

Racial tension in recent months - mostly regarding white cops and black subjects - reminds us we still have a ways to go in the on-going saga of race relations. The Baltimore riots, as abhorrent as they have been, have actually pretty mild compared to what took place May 1, 1992 in Los Angeles.

After three police officers were acquitted in the beating of Rodney King, all hell broke loose in Los Angeles. The Army, Marines, and National Guard were all called in to restore order, but not before there were 53 deaths, more than 2300 injuries, more than 7,000 fires, damage to 3100 businesses, and nearly $1billion in financial losses.

Riots on a much smaller scale took place in other large cities like San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Atlanta. It was during these riots that King went on television and uttered the now famous line "Can we all get along?"