Saying “I do” does not guarantee a happily ever after.

We’ve all been to weddings where people whisper, “This marriage won’t last.” Sometimes, the clues are as in your face as a powder blue tux and sometimes they’re super subtle.

Here are some clues that the marriage of the wedding you’re attending will ultimately result in a fat paycheck for a pair of divorce lawyers:

1. The wedding cake says, ‘Congrats Lisa and the dude from happy hour.’

2. The couple met on the set of ‘Flavor of Love.’

3. The ceremony takes place in a Dairy Queen.

4. The bride is Kim Kardashian.

5. The groom is Tom Cruise.

6. The couple’s first dance is to ‘Breaking Up Is Hard to Do.’

7. The bride berates the groom for messing up her dress when he shoves cake in her face.

8. The best man pledges his love for the bride in the middle of his toast.

9. The bride’s father auctions off a night with his daughter to help pay for the reception.

10. Somehow, the law of physics are broken and the bride manages to catch the bouquet.

11. The groom is the one who winds up giving birth.

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