There is nothing that makes me more furious than someone hurting someone or something that cannot defend itself, like an animal. This is why I am furious as I am typing this to let you know that the Costilla County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook today that they have seized more than 100 dogs during an animal welfare check that took place earlier this week.

The most unfortunate news is that two dogs on the property were deceased when they showed up. There were a total of 102 mixed-breed dogs including newborn puppies that were taken from the home when the sheriff's office with assistance from other agencies with a warrant at a home west of Mesita.

The homeowner where the dogs and puppies were seized was not identified in the details that have been released so far.

At this point, the animals that were seized were taken to different animal welfare agencies including the Dumb League Friends, this is all pending the dog owner's due-processes and the cost of all court costs. The Colorado Humane Society helped with seizing the animals through this process.

While most dog owners who end up in a situation like this never mean for this to happen it is such horrible living conditions for these dogs and puppies. If you ever suspect any sort of animal abuse or puppy mill please reach out to law enforcement to look into the situation. It could mean the difference between life and death for many animals just by you picking up the phone.

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