If you came from a game-playing family, it's likely you have played many of these games through the years - and have forgotten all about them.

Some families play games and some don't. I was fortunate to come from a family that did and it has been one of the greatest blessings in my life.

Playing board and table games together as a family is one of the things that made our family close-knit. It's relationship-building and it's about spending time together, laughing together, and competing against each other in a friendly sort of way. I'm not sure we realized the importance of that time we shared.

We played a lot of word-type games including Scrabble, Upwords, the Sentence Cube Game, Boggle, and Probe. These games were a lot of fun, but, I think they were also very educational, though we may not have realized it at the time.

Games can teach kids how to follow directions, how to count, expand their vocabulary, and how to win and lose with grace and dignity. I wonder if families today still play table games, if the video game revolution has completely taken over. If that is the case, it's tunfortunate. Those families are missing out on the opportunity to make some cherished and lasting memories.

Perhaps you played some of these games over the years, but totally forgot about them. Well, come along, and let's take a stroll down memory lane as we visit these classic table games of the past. Just maybe you will feel compelled to resurrect these games in your life. They are all available in stores or online - and would probably look great underneath your Christmas tree.


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