I am taking the Paqui Carolina Reaper One Chip Challenge, and it could be a day I live to regret.

The Paqui gourmet tortilla chip is made with the hottest chili pepper there is - the Carolina Reaper. According to the Paqui website, the Carolina Reaper measures 1.5 million on the Scoville Heat Scale and is the Guinness World Record holder for hottest chili. By contrast, the cayenne chile pepper is listed at 30,000- 50,000 on the Scoville scale.The common jalapeno pepper ranges from 2500- 10,000 Scoville  Units. No wonder they describe the Caroline Reaper as "hot as hell."

So, what exactly is this one chip challenge all about?

Well, crazy people, like me, are asked to try a chip and video themselves doing it. Videos uploaded to the Paqui website are entered into a contest to win a year's supply of scorching hot chips and a go pro camera.

Take a look at these people who thought it might be a good idea to impose some self-inflicted pain. Do they look happy?

The question is, why would good, sensible people put themselves through such needless, unnecessary misery? What compels people to inflict such pain and distress on themselves - all for the chance to suffering this agony every month for a year?

Aside from pain and agony, I'm not exactly sure what to expect, but I invite you to share this experience with me. It is possible that all of us will regret this day.

Right now, we are on the hunt for a bag of these hot as fire chips, so as soon as we locate one I will do the challenge. If you find a store that carries Paqui chips let us know, or if you want to buy a bag for us, we'll reimburse you.