Most children open a lemonade stand to make some extra spending money. This youngster has an entirely different goal. He wants to make enough money to help pay the expenses to be adopted by his foster parents.

Tristan Jacobson who's only 9 years old, was abandoned at a shelter four years ago. Donnie Davis, who is a foster care provider took the boy and she and her husband gave Tristan the love and care he deserved.

Now, Davis wants to go from being Tristan's legal guardian to adopting him. The problem, they didn't have enough money to pay all the legal fees for the adoption.

So, Tristan did what any enterprising young boy would do and opened a lemonade stand to earn the money for his adoption. The family also sold some of their things to make their dream a reality.

At last count, the community helped the family raise $14,000, well over the $5,000 the adoption will cost. Money not spent on adoption expenses will be used to set up a college fund for Tristan.