There are Dogs People and there are Cat People. Dog People usually do not like cats. Cat People sometimes like dogs. Well Trained Dogs. This is a dog I would really like.

Getty Images/WPA Pool

I am a Cat Person, but there are a few dogs that I like. Fluffy is a very nice, calm, quiet dog that is around here for every once in awhile. I like Fluffy a lot.

I have also been bitten by dogs before, one bite requiring 11 stitches. The problem with most dogs is that their owners do not take the time to properly train them to behave.There are many dogs in my neighborhood that bark at everything! That drives me crazy.

Here is a guy who has spent a great amount of time with Jumpy, making him one of the best trained dogs anywhere!

Here is a video about Skidboot, called the World's Smartest Dog.

I would like to have a big dog someday, like a Husky or Malamute, and I will take the time to make him a very well trained dog. I am just afraid that my cats will be having him get their treats out of the cabinet!