The Winter X Games 2013 is coming up  next week and all of the athletes are getting pumped up for the games. I talked with Gus Kenworthy earlier this week and he was up in Breckenridge getting prepared for the games. I also talked with Keri Herman this week and she was also up in Breckenridge preparing for the Winter X Games 2013.

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Keri Herman is a skier who has been competing professionally for the last 6 years. She grew up playing ice hockey and when she moved out here from Minnesota she decided to take up skiing. Who would of thought that in her early 20's she would be able to pick up skiing so well that she would compete professionally.

When I talked to Keri this week we talked about her trip to Colorado and her skiing career. Here is what we discussed.

Britton: Being from Minnesota and living now in Colorado, you have rode a lot of mountains, which mountain is your favorite?

Keri: Hands down Breckenridge. For Sure. They have the best jumps, lots of fun terrain parks and that's what I like to do the most. It's just a perfect place to be. The night life is awesome, the town is so much fun and I just have a great group of friends here.

Britton: Park, Pipe or Powder?

Keri: Park for sure. Personally, I just have the most fun skiing park. I like the pipe to but it's all so much fun. Powder is the best to but if I just had to pick one I would choose park.

Britton: When you get prepared for these event, because I mean, you guys are doing this non-stop even when it's not winter here in Colorado or in Minnesota, you guys travel around so much and compete. What's the one thing you do before every competition?

Keri: Ooohhh...that's tough. I try so hard not to have superstitions because I don't want to get syked out. So there's nothing I really do... well, okay this is weird...I paint my nails the night before. I don't know why, but it calms me down a little bit.

Britton: Okay...I'm sure we have some listeners that can relate to that a little bit. But you don't wear the same underwear for like weeks on end or anything do you?

Keri: (Laughs) Nooo...

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We also discuss tricks that Keri will be throwing at the Winter X Games, what she listens to, if anything, during her runs and a whole lot more. The full interview is below. The Winter X Games 2013 are coming up on January 24th and run through the 27th. You can see what time Keri will be competing by checking out the Winter X Games 2013 Schedule.