I recently enjoyed a dip in my brother's hot tub. Hot tubs are wonderful, especially this time of year, and with the annual State of the Union address fresh in our minds (or not) we were wondering if presidents ever get to enjoy the relaxation of a hot tub.

And so we set out to determine  who  the first president was  to enjoy a hot tub in the  White House. It certainly wouldn't take many guesses to come up with the correct answer - Bill Clinton.

(Photo By Pool/Getty Images)

This particular hot tub was reportedly donated just before President Clinton suffered a knee injury in a fall on the White House steps. His doctor recommended he use the hot tub for therapy purposes.

My hot tub use has nothing to do with rehab or therapy. It's strictly relaxation for me on the rare occurrence that I find myself bathing in the fiery hot bubbles. There is nothing like a dip in the hot tub in the crisp, early morning air.

Here's a shot of me enjoying the water as I took a couple of days off from workrecently. I am thinking I need one of these things. Hopefully, I won't need to become president in order to get one.

(Zane Mathews)