If one were to take their dog to a groomer in Grand Junction, where would be the best place to go? We're talking about the whole outfit here: bath, trim, claws, and even teeth cleaning. Who does the best job in the Grand Valley?

You know that feeling - your dog walks by, and it's obvious they've seen better days. You cuddly pet's fur looks like Reverend Jim from "Taxi", they click when walking because their claws are too long, and their breath stinks.

When looking for a groomer, there are a number of qualities to consider:

  • How well do they treat your pet
  • Quality of work
  • Materials used (shampoo, conditioner, etc)
  • Price
  • Location
  • Whether or not your dog will like them

If you've searched around the valley, then you too have probably noticed a wide price range for comparable services. A bath, trim, brush, toenails, and teeth can cost $75 at one groomer, and $40 at another.