Where do people hide their money? We all have a secret stash at home where we hideaway a few bills for a rainy day. What is the most common hiding place?  Based upon responses on our KOOL Cafe Trivia, the freezer seems to be a common hiding place. I used to be one of those who would stash away some cold, hard cash in the icebox. I thought I was the first one to think of the idea, but somehow I think someone else beat me to it.

A recent poll indicated that 15% of people hide money in their shoes. These must be women who probably have 58 pairs of shoes in their closet and have been able to set aside three or four pairs for the purpose of home banking.

Does anyone still hide money in their sock drawer, or under their mattress? Those seem like such common hiding places for valuables I don't think I would recommend them.

I used to hide money in the inner pocket of my suit jackets, but now I don't have any suit jackets so I had to change hiding places. Boy, I sure hope I checked the pockets before I sent all those jackets to the Salvation Amy.

Other possibilities as suggested by listeners were behind a picture, in an empty CD case, and in a cereal box.

Of course, stashing money at home is more convenient than taking it to the bank, and it's easily accessible, but there are definitely risk factors. What if there was a fire? What if you forgot you put the money IN something and inadvertently threw it away? What if the dogs find it and make a midnight snack out of your cashola?

While the risks of stashing money in a hiding place remain, I am pretty certain most of us will continue the practice - at least until something bad happens. Take our survey and tell us where you hide your mad money.