Most Christmas songs have been covered by various artists, whether it's a traditional classic like "White Christmas", or a religious favorite like "Silent Night." And we all have our own particular favorite versions of each song, as well as versions that we just hate.For me, "White Christmas" just isn't the same if it's not Bing Crosby, and I just love Michael Crawford's version of "O Holy Night." I suppose one of my least favorites, if I had to name one,  would be the Harry Simeone Chorale's version of  "The Little Drummer Boy." In my opinion,  it's just so slow and sappy, and I can hardly wait for it to end.

A  Christmas song you always hear on KOOL 107.9 during the holiday season is "Someday At Christmas" by Stevie Wonder. It's the title cut of his 1967 Christmas Album. Three years later The Jackson Five did a cover version for "The Jackson Five Christmas Album". Most recently, teen idol Justin Bieber performed the classic for President Barack Obama. The question is, which is the best version?

Although Stevie Wonder did not write the song, his original version has become a classic and has set the standard for others who choose to cover it. For me, it's the best one out there because it's the most believable. There is a sincerity in Stevie's voice that I don't get from the others. When Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber sing it, they sound like they should be singing about snowflakes on the hillside, or toys around the Christmas tree rather than bombs and wars and peace on earth.

Here are the three versions of the song. Take a listen and then vote for your favorite, and we'll see if you agree with my analysis. Feel free to make a comment.