Grand Junction has been named sixth Coolest Desert Town by Travel and Leisure! What do you think makes us so cool!

I'll be honest, as much as I love living in Grand Junction I was shocked that Moab didn't win the title of Coolest Desert town. That place is awesome, or at least it used to be when I was a kid and you could travel from one end of town to the other via the desert.

Which is one of the reasons I love Grand Junction, you can be out of the city and roaming the desert in 10 minutes.

I grew up in our desert and if I wasn't in school you could almost bet I was out there:

  • 4 Wheeling
  • Shooting
  • Sledding
  • Sleeping
  • & NOT sleeping (if you know what I mean)

What do you think makes Grand Junction so cool? Give us your feedback and we might use it on the air!