When I was growing up, every Thursday night at 7:00 life stopped. We didn't have a VCR and certainly no DVR, and so we HAD to be in front of the television to watch The Waltons .Today the show  is a staple of classic TV offering it's own brand of family values, drama, romance, and adventure. Co-star Mary Beth McDonough reports on her Facebook page that one of it's beloved characters has passed away. Joe Conley, who played general store owner Ike Godsey has died at the age of 85,

Conley was suffering from dementia and died July 7 at a care facility, according to his wife of 44 years, Louise.

Conley appeared in 172 of the 212 Waltons' episodes, and in the third season married  the pretty, but bossy Corabeth Walton. Ike Godsey was an audience favorite- a kind man, and long-suffering husband.

While he was best known for his role on The Waltons, Conley appeared on a number of classic TV shows like Mister Ed, Dragnet, Gunsmoke, and Green Acres. His movie resume includes the Tom Hanks tear-jerker Cast Away.