Heather Jensen changed her story to police, and the Western Slope hoped that four-year-old Tyler Jensen would survive. Sadly neither of the Jensen boys survived hyperthermia, a rare cause of death especially in winter.

In November of 2012 Heather Jensen told police she took her two year old and four year old sons to play in the snow on the Grand Mesa. Adding a male friend drove by and it was a short encounter. She later changed her story to police admitting that her boys spent 90 minutes alone in her vehicle with the heat on, as she visited a male friend in his vehicle.

One obvious question is why would she leave her children alone so long even in a heated vehicle. According to an arrest warrant affidavit it is because she was having sex with a man calling it "an affair".

Her two year old William was sadly pronounced dead on November 27, 2012 as four year old Tyler clung to life at Children's Hospital in Denver. He was taken off life support. The Mesa County Coroner released the cause of death for the boys as something he had never seen, hyperthermia.

According to the arrest affidavit Tyler was able to open the car door while alone, as the authorities say it became fatally hot. The man who was having sex with Heather on the side of the Grand Mesa told authorities Tyler opened the car door as far as his arm could reach.

According to her 'friend' Heather went to her car where the heater was on maximum without the fan on. He says she gave her son her phone to play with as she shut the car doors and engaged the child locks. He says that's when she went back to his car and they had sex.

The Mesa County Coroner's Office noted in the autopsy report of the boys,

“Despite the unlikely unrecognized risk of hyperthermia in this case, the deliberate and reckless act of leaving the decedent brother in an unattended running motor vehicle constitutes neglect and is the sole cause directly responsible for the death(s). Despite neglect being the direct participating factor for the death(s) deliberate intent to kill cannot be established with certainty.”

Heather Jensen has apparently been in Florida with her mother where she was arrested today and is being held on a $150,000 bond. The Mesa County arrest warrant is for suspicion of false reporting plus criminally negligent homicide and child abuse resulting in death while acting with negligence for each of the boys.

She was arrested in April of 2012 on domestic violence charges against her late husband Eric who died in October 2012.