The lawsuit filed by the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce against the Grand Valley Drainage District could stretch into 2017.

According to their September newsletter, a meeting was held with a new judge in the case and a trial date has been set for June of 2017. The chamber says it hopes the situation is resolved before then.

The Chamber agrees the Grand Valley needs expanded drainage capacity but opposes the "storm water" fee being imposed by the Grand Valley Drainage District.

The Chamber says the annual assessment on homes is $36, but assessments of $300, $1500, and $6000 could be imposed on individual businesses and non-profits. The news letter says this sets a dangerous precedent that threatens the ability of businesss to manage overhead costs.

In a  recent letter to the editor, the Grand Junction chamber wrote that it

"respectfully disagrees with the Sentinel’s assertion that “chances are slim” the Chamber and Mesa County will succeed in challenging the Grand Valley Drainage District’s storm water fee as an impermissible tax."

Meanwhile, Grand Valley residents are left to wonder if they should go ahead and pay the fee being imposed by the drainage district. I received a second "bill" from them recently requesting my immediate payment. I have to admit, it sounded a little intimidating, but, I think I laid the bill aside in the "pay later" pile.

Stay tuned to see how this all works out.