As Christmas draws near, the window for making toy donations for the annual Salvation Army Toy Drive gradually closes. If you are struggling with what to get, here are five great toy donations you can make.

The Salvation Army Toy Drive, which KOOL 107.9 helps facilitate each year, encompasses kids of all ages from infants all the way up to teens. Several hundred families  in need receive assistance during the holidays from the Salvation Army.

Some folks may shy away from making a donation because they just don't know what to get. Never fear. Check out these great ideas.

Although it seems to be getting harder all the time to remember, think back to when  you were a kid and the toys that turned you on. For the boys, especially, cars and trucks are always popular - whether they are as small as Hotwheels, as large as Tonka trucks, or something in between. Boys love wheels!

This is another one that is always popular with the boys, whether it's G.I. Joe, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or the likes of Batman and Spiderman. There are plenty of options out there that won't break the bank.

For girls, dolls never seem to lose their appeal, whether it's one of the Barbies or any one of a myriad of moving, talking, crying dolls. Big dolls, little dolls, they are never out of style.

For the closer to  10 and  under teen kids, you can't go wrong with arts and crafts like the original Spirograph, Knot-a- Quilt, String Art, Origami, the Cool Baker Chocolate Maker, or a host of art kits by Crayola.

It seems the toughest age group to shop for is teens, because things have changed so much for this age group, and when you think of this group  you aren't really thinking toys. But, in reality, it's quite easy. Gift cards make the perfect gift for teens. These can be fast food restaurants (think of establishments near the high schools) movies, books, video games, or general merchandise gift cards. Remember, these gifts are going to kids who aren't used to having much, and they will be thrilled!

You can drop off your toy donation at the KOOL studio at 315 Kennedy Avenue, at any KOOL LIVE broadcast, or any Salvation Toy Drive barrel location.