Here's a look at the top 10 retailers for Black Friday discounts --and what products are your best bets for true savings.

Early indications are that there will be more people out shopping on Black Friday than ever before - and maybe you're one of them --but how do you know where to go to get the best discounts?

Wallethub surveyed over 5,000 deals from 2014 Black Friday ads of 21 of the biggest retailers and here is what they found.

JC Penney has the highest overall discount rate of 65%, while Costco has the lowest at 21%.

Here's the top 10 Black Friday retailers based on the percentage of discount offered.

  1. JCPenney -- 65%
  2. Macy's -- 54%
  3. Rite Aid -- 53%
  4. Meijer -- 51%
  5. Sears -- 50%
  6. Walgreen's -- 49%
  7. Office Depot/Office Max -- 44%
  8. Ace Hardware -- 41%
  9. Kohl's -- 40%
  10. Staples -- 39%
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Wallethub says the biggest Black Friday discounts will be on jewelery - 58% - with discounts on computers and electronics generally will only be about 30%.

The highest concentration of discounts will be on toys and apparel. Overall, the average Black Friday discount is around 39%, so that should be your target savings. Much less than that and you're probably not getting much of a deal.