Today (October 1) is National Homemade Cookie Day and while a lot of people prefer to buy cookies already baked from the store or bakery, none of those can beat a fresh out of the oven cookie.

A recent survey of over 1,000 adults by Downtown Cookie Co. and Impulse Research found chocolate chip cookies are America's favorite homemade cookies.

The survey also found chocolate chip cookies were a three to one favorite over other cookies regardless of age, gender, political affiliation and where the survey participants live.

Dan Guerra, founder of Downtown Cookie Co. shared his thoughts about the survey's findings.

"There are lots of fancy cookies out there, but across the board, across the country, people still prefer authentic chocolate chip cookies.." They want the real, homemade taste they grew up with."

While chocolate chip cookies are by far the most popular, other homemade cookies still ranked high with those surveyed. Here's a list of the top favorites:

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