The drama surrounding quarterback Tim Tebow just won't go away. But the one thing that remains constant is Tebow's uncertain future in the NFL. And there is new information surfacing about the trade that sent Tebow from the Denver Broncos to the New York Jets.

At the time, it was widely believed and reported that Jets owner Woody Johnson was the instigator to bring Tebow to New York. Now, it's being reported that the Tebow trade wasn't Johnson's idea, but rather the brainchild of then Jets' General Manager Mike Tannebaum, who was fired at the end of the regular season. The idea being presented now is that Tebow was "forced" on the Jets. And the way the Jets used Tebow during the season would certainly offer credence to that idea.

The Jets coaches tried in vain to find a place for Tebow - in the wildcat, on special teams, but never as the back up to Mark Sanchez. Tebow's snaps were limited, and  when Sanchez went down with an injury, it was third string quarterback Greg McElroy who became the starter, not Tebow.

Whether Tim Tebow has, or will ever have the skills necessary to be a legitimate starting quarterback in the NFL will be debated from now  until the end of time. But, clearly, the Jets fumbled the ball not only in how they used Tebow on the field, but how  they treated him off the field. The word "disrespect" comes to the forefront of my  mind when I think about what the Jets did to Tebow.

Although Tebow has two years remaining on his contract, every indication is that the Jets will be releasing him after the Super Bowl. The Jacksonville Jaguars, the one other team who had expressed interest in Tebow's services last year, have said publicly they are not interested in bringing the former Florida star to Jacksonville. So far, nobody has expressed any interest in the guy who was once proclaimed "the greatest college football quarterback in history." Maybe he could find work in the CFL.

This could be the end of Tebow's NFL career. But, for a guy who has seemingly gone unflustered and undaunted,  regardless of the tumultuous circumstances that always seems to surround him, the end will only signal a new beginning.