I have lived in this wonderful state for most of my life, so I have a unique perspective on Colorado. From the Rocky Mountains to the plains to the western slope, the beauty of Colorado is evident in all you see.

However, Coloradans have a certain way of doing and saying things that can, at times, annoy other people, especially those who don't have the privilege of living here. But we don't care. We live in the best state of them all!

Allow me to share a few.

Camping in the left lane drivers


Colorado isn't the only state where drivers feel they have earned the right to own the left lane, but here in Colorado, we take pride in it. We especially enjoy it when other drivers pass us up (in the right lane) and shout out their joy at our driving prowess. Here in Colorado, we have a saying where left lanes are concerned. Go Around.

The Weather

Jerod Kenyon

The saying goes, if you don't like Colorado weather, wait a minute, it will change. And it will. While on a drive to the front range, I experienced all 4 seasons on the same day. The whiteout at the top of Vail Pass I experienced was particularly scary, but 5 minutes later, it was sunny again. Having the Rocky Mountains sitting where they do, the weather tends to cycle around, so you may get snow in the morning, have an afternoon around 80 degrees and see snow at night.



Coloradans know we live in the best state in the union, so it's inherent upon us to let everyone else know. And we do. We brag about everything, and with good reason. We have the best music venue (Red Rocks), the best country concert (Country Jam), the best skiing (take your pick), and the best people anywhere in the U.S. Just ask us. And while we're on it, the best peaches, the best wine, and the best football team are right here in our state.

The Colorado way of saying things


If you aren't aware, front range directions are predicated on the mountains. You always know where west is. And as a result, the directions usually mention the mountains. Go towards the mountains and turn left. The mountains should now be on your right kinda thing. Don't muddle it up with north, south, east and west, though, ok? Use landmarks.



We may not have invented Mexican food, but we perfected it. Don't believe me? Look at the number of Mexican restaurants we have. Green Chili as we have found out, is THE signature dish in Western Colorado because WE perfected how to make it.

So there you have it. My reasons why Colorado is unsurpassed in its awesomeness.

What are yours?