It's no secret that men generally do not enjoy shopping. It's not that we don't like to give or to buy for those we love, we just don't enjoy the shopping experience. We learned something shocking on today's Cranium Kruncher.Some men have apparently  gone too far. We are told  now that 10% of men bought a Christmas gift from this place.(and if their wives knew it, it might be the last gift they ever buy them.) What is it? The answer is - a gas station. Are you kidding me? Yes, it's true. One in ten men actually bought their significant other a Christmas gift at a gas station.

Sometimes convenience stores, especially some of the bigger truck stops you run across when you are traveling, have some pretty cool stuff- hats, sun glasses, jewelry, etc. But, guys, it's probably not the best idea to do your Christmas shopping there. Go ahead and buy her a novelty gift from the gas station, but just give it to her  "because" - not for Christmas. It's not that there is necessarily anything wrong with the gift you buy there, but you risk the perception that not much thought went into the gift you bought - which may or not be true.