I was just wondering. Is it just my imagination, or has the cold weather in the Grand Valley been here for a long time? Turns out it's not just my imagination.

Today marks the 32nd time in the last 34 days that the temperature has failed to reach the freezing mark in Grand Junction. And you might remember the two days that we got there. Remember late in the afternoon on Friday, January 10th,the wind began to blow and  the temperature suddenly surged to 42 degrees. What followed was rain, snow, and fog.The following day we got up to 38, but went right back down to a high of 16 degrees the following day.

As for overnight lows, 30 times in the last 34 days the overnight low has been in single digits or below  zero.(21 days have been below zero)

So, yes, it has been cold for a long time Yes, it is winter here in Colorado but these inversion temperatures have us generally about 15 degrees lower than normal. The typical high for January in Grand Junction is around 38 degrees, while the normal low should be about 17. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but according to the NOAA weather forecast, we won't be seeing anything above the freezing mark this week. It looks cold for as far as the eye can see. It's been cold for so long, I have forgotten what warm feels like.

I can hardly wait to see my next heating bill. No doubt I will be taking out a size-able loan to make the payment.