In our minds, we create perfect scenarios and imagine completely amazing experiences like a double pepperoni pizza with bacon. The sad fact is, often times reality doesn't live up to the fantasy.

The double pepperoni with bacon pizza sounded amazing. It looked absolutely wonderful. I knew it was just a matter of time before I would give into temptation and experience this new creation.

The Final Four seemed like the perfect time, a major sporting event on television requires some special cuisine, and what a great excuse to try something new, and to go for something that offers probably way more calories than my waistline wants to handle. So I go for it!

It wasn't horrible by any means, in all honesty, I haven't been this disappointed since the Seattle Seahawks scored a safety on the very first play of the Super Bowl.

The pizza features a layer of pepperoni and bacon, although I can't say that I actually SAW the bacon. Cheese covers this layer, so you never actually never know how much meat you are getting. Then, on top of the cheese is a layer of giant pepperonis.

The problem essentially is that there's too much crust, and the deliciousness of the meat and the cheese gets lost in the bread. Give me the same toppings on a thin crust, baked until it's nice and crispy and  you've got something there worth talking about.

I imagined that taking a bite of this double pepperoni and bacon pizza would be as heavenly as - well- heaven. In my fantasy it still does, but I know the reality of it all, and the reality just isn't going to measure up to the fantasy.