As a longtime Eagles fan, I know the members of the band can be outspoken about the environmental and political causes they care about. I don't always share their point of view, but I do respect their opinion. Recently, the guys talked about TV singing competitions and I have to admit, I agree with what they're saying.In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, the members of the Eagles were asked about TV shows like 'American Idol' and 'X Factor.' Glenn Frey admitted he has watched the shows, but is disappointed about how they push the contestants to "over sing." Frey also had this to say about the shows.

Can you call it art if you have a contest? That's the first thing I wanna ask.. The nature of these shows is such is that they make everybody want to be big and big for the camera and big for the audience and you know, for myself I would just as soon somebody just stood there and sing the damn song.

Don Henley likened the competitions to the TV show 'Glee' and Joe Walsh expressed displeasure about the contracts the contestants must sign calling them "over-restrictive."

Meanwhile, the Eagles are preparing to embark on a tour this summer that has been rumored to be their last. We certainly hope that's just idle talk and not the truth, although they will probably retire someday.