It may not be the end of the Twinkie, but the future of this delicious snack is very much in doubt today with the news that Hostess Brands it's closing its operations, due to a bakers strike. My immediate reaction was disbelief, transforming quickly to horror, and then finally to heartbreak. It is indeed a sad day for Twinkie lovers, and immediately this day  vaults to the top of the list of the  5 saddest days of my life. Here's the updated list.

1) November  16, 2012 -  Hostess Brands announces it is closing it's operations, leaving in doubt the future of the beloved golden creme-filled cakes that have been a staple in the food pyramid for decades. I have enjoyed a life-long love affair with Twinkies - and now it feels my heart may be breaking.

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 2) January 9th, 1977 - The Minnesota Vikings become the first team in NFL history to lose four Super Bowls, falling to the Oakland Raiders 32-14 in Super Bowl XI. 35 years later Vikings fans are still waiting to get back to the big game. 35  years! It's been a long wait, and I'm not getting any younger. And I still grieve.

3) May 26, 1999 -  After 8 glorious seasons, The final episode of "Home Improvement " airs on ABC.Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor had the knack for being perpetually  inept at work as a handyman, and at home as a husband. So many of us relate to Tim Taylor in so many  (unfortunate) ways. And they just don't make good TV like this any more.

4) November 6, 2012 -  My fellow Coloradoans vote to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. What WERE they thinking? Perhaps it was due to a lack of oxygen to the brain in the thin mile-high Rocky Mountain air. C'mon man!

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5)  One Day in 2005 - The day Kenny Rogers gets a face lift. It wasn't the first time Kenny went under the knife, but this time the transformation was more than he bargained for. His signature look was gone forever. The voice is still uniquely Kenny. But the face looks like it belongs to someone else. It just hasn't seemed the same since.

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