Getting national recognition is hard to come by for small towns. So, in 1962, Grand Junction being named an All American City was quite an honor. But what was it that helped the city gain such an honor? 

Prior to 1962, the Main Street area was pretty much like any other downtown in the midwest and west. Shops, wide streets, not much to encourage shopping downtown, unless you didn't mind parking at an angle. So the leadership in Grand Junction decided to redesign Main Street to make it more pedestrian friendly, adding trees and a shopping park.

The narrowing of the streets and the entire design was so impressive, the city was named an All American city. But how have we done since then?

Zane Mathews

Well, art was added to Main Street with local artists providing the sculptures, which has drawn people to the area. And always with an eye towards making the experience downtown a pleasant one, the city continues to add amenities all can enjoy, such as a parking garage.

(Zane Mathews)

Downtown Grand Junction today is doing well with its many shops, farmers market and downtown concerts at the Two Rivers Convention Center and Avalon Theater.  Add in yearly events such as the car show and you have a downtown area that beckons residents and visitors alike to come, shop and enjoy all Grand Junction has to offer.

However, none of this would have been possible without the foresight of those leaders in 1962 that wanted to change this:

Robert Grant

To this:

Google Street View

Picturesque and inviting. Exactly what they had in mind in 1962.